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Newly Released Hrvatski Običaj's 2nd CD

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Poklon Od Srca
         - A Gift From the Heart

The members of Hrvatski Običaj are excited to release our 2nd CD Poklon Od Srca. Ten years in existence, we still love what we do. With this CD, we recognize the classic songs, patriotic songs and those that celebrate the homeland, as well as the klapa stylings common in the homeland with "Vilo Moja." Croatian music is our heritage and we love sharing it. We hope that you have many hours of great listening! Thank you for your continued support as we embark on the next ten years! Puno hvala i želimo svima veselo slušanje!

How To Order

To order your copy of our latest CD, please send
a check or money order for $18 per CD (this amount includes shipping and handling) to:

Hrvatski Običaj
3124 Canaan Valley Drive
Kansas City, Kansas 66109

Song Samples

Ljubio sam žene

An upbeat song about a becar who loved many kinds of women but especially a dark haired girl.

Vilo moja

My fairy you look at me as if you do not know me. If only at the start of your dreams you could recall how much I still love you.

Fato mori dušmanke

A lively Macedonian kolo with catchy lyrics and a featured accordion solo by Jim Baric.

Moja domovina

My homeland, my Croatia! A beautiful melodic song that captures the beauty of the homeland with a verse in English to bring it all home.

Zbog jedne divne crne žene

Rich instrumentation with a sadness and longing for a love enjoyed and lost because of a dark haired woman.

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